Seven for a secret – Clive Woodhall

A sequel to a book i read years ago called  ‘One for Sorrow: Two for Joy‘ which i absolutely loved and only recently realised there was a second book and just had to go out and get it straight away.

Seven for as secret continues some years after the last book finishes, there is peace in Birddom but for how much longer as trouble is brewing from every side. The Corvidae are on the rise, the insects are getting too plentiful and Man is once again making himself known by making food for the Birds scarce. This time around though the Birds are looking to new leaders to lead them in this time of need instead of the ancient Tawny old, Tomar, who saved them last time. Tomar though knows he must stay strong especially in these times of evil and he has a few friends that can help him in this fight. Sometimes though Good cannot always prevail, Tomar wiser than most realises this and instead understands he must turn to a secret that could save them all.

A very clever book which is written by Clive Woodhall who when he wrote the first book was a supermarket manager for Sainsbury’s. After the first book he sold the film rights to Disney which is in the process to being made into full feature animation. Although the book is a children’s book it tackles many adult concepts like life, death, rape, hope, faith and many more but in a very sophisticated way. I think it would be an absolute joy to read this book to children as i’m sure i would of loved to read it as a child.




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3 responses to “Seven for a secret – Clive Woodhall

  1. blert1

    A childrens book with a rape scene? What is the world coming to, modern youth eh, wouldn’t have happened in my day, I can’t believe they’re peddling this filth etc etc

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