The KGB Directive – Richard Cox

Another day and another book, at least something can be said for temping in offices. I have just finished The KGB Directive by Richard Cox which i have to say i quite enjoyed,although it was possibaly a little long in my opinion.

The KGB are trying to destabalise the goverment by any means possible during this book which is set during the cold. The book revolves around a prototype plane being built in the UK for both commercial and military purposes which the Russians plan to try and crash by covert means. As you can probably guess they succeed as the picture on the front of the book is a bit of a giveaway.

The main focus on the book is the crash investigation and how this could of happened and who could of commited it. This comes together from amny view points such as the Russians, the secret service, the police and crash investigator Jim Donaldson.

I quite enjoyed both the start and finish of the book but the middle part did seem to drag on a bit. All in all a pretty average read.



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