The Opium Stratagem by Hunton Downs

Again another £1 book from the book shelf, i’d like to say i don’t know where they keep coming from but i do, my brother and i buy them every time we head back to the Isle of Man.

The Opium stratagem  involves Kopit an ex army soldier who fought in Vietnam who has now gone back to the country through a need to right some of the wrongs he commited whilst there during the war. Before long though he gets caught up with the CIA, the mob, the armies of all the golden triangle and everyone in between, who are all trying to get control of the opium production in the area.

I kind of enjoyed the book but i have to say it didn’t tick all the boxes for me. I liked the pace of the book but i just felt that the story could of done with a little more.  Maybe its that the book seems a little dated, i just can’t quite put my finger on why i didn’t find it enthralling. Although after reading a bit about the author i think i’d like to read his biography:

Hunton Downs was born in Baltimore, MD and was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A graduate of Virginia Tech, he helped open the first radio studios there while editing the college newspaper. In WWII, he served on General Brady’s personal staff as well as on the staff of General David Sarnoff (founder of NBC), winning numerous citations from the War Department. As a post-war journalist, he received the prestigious Edward R. Murrow citation for his Berlin Cold War coverage and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting from Vietnam.


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