The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water…

There I was sat at home last night just minding my own business when i noticed a sort of fog descend upon our street. On closer inspection it was most definitely smoke so we put on our rubbernecking hats and went to investigate…

Brixton Hill was just getting shut off and the fire brigade were arriving when we got this little bit of footage. You wouldn’t believe the number of people just milling around – it was like a summer street party! We had a walk round the block to see if we could find a better vantage point but we most definitely got the best footage. Within 20 minutes or so the Fire Brigade seemed to have it under control so we went home for our dinner.

As a small addendum to this we later went down to the pub for a friend’s birthday and the traffic chaos caused by closing a part of Brixton Hill was entirely comical. The traffic was snarled up and people were honking their horns well past 11pm. And there i was thinking the Highway Code forbade the use of horns after 11pm! The highlight was when a bus was about to go up a narrow road that was closed at the top. Unfortunately one of our friends decided to be a good samaritan and let the bus driver know before he got himself in a spot he wouldn’t have been able to extricate himself from.


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