X Factor

This week we have a new guest reviewer who will hopefully be giving us some comic reviews (and maybe some other stuff!) from time to time.

X Factor – no, not the terrible and contrived humiliation/talent/sob story show but the great comic by Peter David.  First a few points – I’m a huge comic fan, I’ll try almost anything once and there aren’t enough comic reviews out there.  So here we go.

I don’t read that many superhero comics anymore but this one looked good so I gave it a try.  This was mainly as it is pretty much stand alone from the main X Men continuity, which I’m afraid is as confusing as trying to explain to a deaf diabetic child that they can’t have cup of sugary jam for lunch.

The group, who are basically B-lister X men run a detective agency in Mutant town.  Which may sound weak but under the helm of Mr David it sparkles.  He’s chosen such a diverse and strange bunch of losers that you can’t help but love them.  The best being Jamie Maddrox – the Multiple Man who he has turned from a one dimensional super powered character into one of my favourite comic characters for years.
The dialogue just pops and moves along like a real conversation – much like The Wire did when I first watched it.   He made me actually want to know how these characters got here, where they are going and how they end up.  It also has some very funny lines mixed in there along with some great ideas.
The art is by the Ryan Sook (who has developed from being a Mike Mignola clone) to have his own dark and fun style.  The art feels makes it feel more like a HBO adult services rather than a spandex comic book. It’s used to great effect and really sets the tone for the book. I actually bought the first four graphic novels of the new series at once and I can’t wait to get to book two.
A resounding 8.5/10 – high and I might have used too may TV references in in this review but if you like comics to be more than multicoloured fights involving Wolverine slashing things then you should definitely give this a try.


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