Disposable People by Marshall Goldberg & Kenneth Kay

Disposable People is about a killer disease called Consolvo’s Ulceration that has mysteriously appeared in New Mexico and is spreading like wildfire amongst the population. It gives victims a nasty& painful death and resists all attempts made to treat it. The President is facing a catastrophe on a national scale so he gets a medical team together with far-ranging powers in order to try to get the epidemic under control.

The disease is killing roughly 20% of the population in the areas it has hit and is obviously making life very difficult for those who live with starvation and other diseases becoming a very real risk. The President selects a go-getting doctor called Noah Blanchard to be his epidemic czar and gives him the task of trying to defeat the disease by all means necessary. After battling to get out of plague stricken New Mexico Dr Blanchard must press ahead and try to find a cure or vaccination against this virulent plague before the President has to take increasingly desperate measures to keep the disease from consuming the entire United States.

I enjoyed this book a lot (I always like something that involves some kind of Doomsday scenario) and felt my only real criticism is how neatly and quickly it’s all tied up at the end. Dr Noah Blanchard is something of a all-round action hero doctor and he and his girl Friday Kate have a fair bit of detective work to undertake in the course of their adventures. There are also a couple of interesting side stories that run in parallel with Dr Blanchard’s search for answers that keep the overall story interesting.



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  1. LE

    I read this book as a young kid and was terrified! Then I forgot all about it until very recently. All I remembered was the doctors name was Noah and the disease was very nasty. After some persistent googling I got to your website – thanks for the review! I plan to re-read it to see if it brings out the same horrifying feelings …

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