Underwater Adventure – Willard Price

The book surrounds the story of two brothers Hal and Roger who are helping out a marine scientist with his exploration on the Pacific Ocean sea bed. The brothers find themselves  in danger from sea creatures, humans and mother nature though as they find the a shipwreck of a Spanish ship full of treasure. The trouble is they didn’t expect the treasure to dissapear by itself or for one of the crew to drown.

Not the most inspiring of names for a book but i suppose it has adventure in the title and it is a kids’s book. That said i quite enjoyed the book for what it is, an adventure romp for kids. I found the book a little more like a text book at points talking about all the technology involved with deep sea diving but maybe the kiddiewinks like this sort of stuff. It was also quite formulaic in respect to each chapter being a new scenario in which the kids have to overcome a new obstacle. Unlike modern kid’s books it doesn’t really give the reader much to grasp but then it was written in 1955 when times were a little different than today, maybe it was meant for a much younger reader than i expected.



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