No Escape by Joseph Hayes

After finishing this book I wasn’t quite sure what to score it (and that’s not to say i didn’t enjoy it).

After a small bit of deliberating (which included checking out the awesome front and back covers once again) I decided that the only fair mark was 7 out of 10. It’s a blatant untruth that you can’t tell a book by it’s cover as this is how I do most of my book shopping – as when you are in a charity shop buying books you’ve never heard of it’s pretty much all you’ve got to go on –  and using this time honoured system I’ve read plenty of fantastic books for very little money. That is surely why you have book designers?

In this instance however the publisher has given it to us straight. How can you not want to read this book after checking out the montage on the front with the huge ‘NO ESCAPE’ text then flicking to the back to read of a man who “would not only smash his home to pieces in a drunken frenzy” and “brutally assault his own wife”, but, would also “strike his own 8 year old son dumb with terror”. Anyway i’m not giving much a spoiler when i say that the man who’s described on the back, Donald Forrest, is pretty much a good-looking, smooth-talking psychopath who will stop at nothing to get his wife back. If this was a film it would probably be the equivalent of a well made B movie. You kind of know what is going to happen but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy getting there.


You only need to read the blurb on the back to know this is a good book...


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