Running Blind – Desmond Bagley

Running Blind is the second book i’ve read by Desmond Bagley, the first being High Citadel which i read years ago now. Running Blind follows Alan Stewart who has to deliver a mystery package to someone in Iceland, which all seems easy enough till Alan stops to help a motorist with with his broken down car. All of a sudden Alan has a dead body on his hands and Russian agents after him, not the easy delivery job that Alan first thought he had then. Alan realises that all his troubles are to do with this mystery package he’s carrying and he wants some answers.

This book is a real page turner which kept me enthralled from the very start to the very end. Desmond is an expert at suspense which he builds carefully through the book bringing the reader in to the story where you really feel for the main characters. I would recommend this book and High Citadel to anyone as i really liked reading them both. I’ll probably go and have to read the rest on his books now.



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