G20 pathologist not fit for job

Just read on the BBC that the pathologist at the centre of the Ian Tomlinson case should not have been registered to investigate suspicious deaths. Ian Tomlinson dies after a policeman PC Harwood pushed him over at the G20 protests, if you have not seen the video check it out:

The doctor, who’s evidence let the PC Harwood go free without being charged was Dr Freddy Patel, 63. He appeared on a Home Office register despite failing to meet its criteria, the BBC has learned. Dr Patel stated that Ian Tomlinson died of a heart attack but two other doctors disagreed and said that he had suffered internal bleeding, probably from his own elbow hitting his liver after he was pushed to the ground.

I can’t believe that both the doctor and policeman are going to get off scott free, if this was any other case where a man had died you know someone would of been held accountable if there was video evidence. What a joke!

Read full article here.


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