Dope Farms and their various forms of security

A dope farm in western Canada was raided recently and to the surprise of the officers involved was surrounded by black bears. Just imagine you think your going to crack the skulls of some pesky weed growers and coming across more than 10 bears? I know i would of pooped my pants and ran as fast as i can in the opposite direction. the officers soon realised that the bears were tame though, as the growers had been feeding the bears to keep them around as a deterent. What did the growers do before the bears were tame though? I wouldn’t have had the balls to feed wild bears and pretty stupid when it comes to personal safety. You can read the full article here.

Also one of my brothers just sent me this article as well today about another dope farm which is an old story but i thought i rope them both together. This one had a totally different form of security. This place was a modern fortress with the addition of secret entrances and a secret escape hatch with the added extra of surveillance cameras everywhere. Oh did i also forget to mention it was based under a house in a natural cave just like Bruce Wayne (if only he decided to grow dope instead of fight crime). Still they both got caught so none of their security features were effective – Shame!

Read the full article here.


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