Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates – Tom Robbins

I read this book because my Mother had recommended it and my Mother is usually pretty good with her recommendations, saying that i have had some which i wouldn’t even use as a torture technique, this book though fell into the first category.

Invalids is a story about a man called Switters who wheel bound for most of the book in a wheelchair manages to cross the globe, visiting jungles, deserts and many places inbetween. Through out all this he encounters nuns, school kids, the CIA, the Vatican and all in the name of love and a healthy dose of danger (oh and don’t forget the parrot). In all it is a swipe at modern culture and taboos in all its forms with a healthy dose of humour for good measure. The author though has stated in many interviews that this book is mainly to do with contradiction.

I didn’t realise this till i was writing this review but i’ve read some of Tom Robbins books before, again thanks to my Mother. I’ve read both Jitterbug Perfume and Villa Incognito both of which i thought were excellent and this book was no exception. Invalids is a book that makes you think but wraps it up in a funny off beat package that i challenge anyone not to enjoy. I’m definitely going to go and steal the rest off the books of my Mother.


Also if you have time, go and read his Wikipedia entry here as he seems a like a man that i would love to meet with interesting views and some very interesting friends.


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