Score! – Jilly Cooper

When i was in hospital a friend of mine thought she’d bring me a book to read, thinking she was being funny she brought me Score! by Jilly Cooper. After she left another friend popped in to see how i was doing and brought me some books as well, thinking she was also being funny she brought me the hard back version of Score! by Jilly Cooper. now if this isn’t kismit i don’t know what is. So when i was feeling a little bored i thought  i might as well give it a shot.

Score! is the story of Sir Roberto Rannaldini the worlds most successful but detested conductor and his quest to make the film version of Verdi’s opera, Don Carlos. Unlike jilly cooper’s other novels though this is her first ever who done it? I’ve read Polo and Riders which i have to say i enjoyed although i didn’t think i would and this book was no exception. A little slow to start but it works its self up into a good old thriller of a book which i couldn’t put down. After reading Score! i can see why Jilly Cooper always appears on the bestseller lists the world over. if i wasn’t in hospital i might not of picked the book up but i’m glad i did.



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