Birth of Fire – Jerry Pournelle

Again another book i found in a charity shops bargain bin but as i keep finding out another little corker, i really do wonder why people throw these books out. Birth of fire is the story of Garrett Pittson, who after being wrongly convicted of murder has the choice of either spending his time behind bars on Earth or becoming a free man as a miner on Mars. Of course he chooses mars but does this really mean he is a free man? The mars settlement is more like a penal colony though run by massive mining corporations with little water and food but even less oxygen. Garrett quickly realises that this is going to be no picnic and  he and a few other of Mars’s inhabitants plan to change the status quo the only way they know how…revolution.

A quick little read but that’s not to say not an enjoyable one. If you like science fiction then this book is something to fill in a few spare minutes, if not then there are better books out there to introduce you to the genre but good all the same. This is the first book by Jerry Pournelle i have read and I would definitely read another.



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