Kingdom Come – J.G. Ballard

I’ve just finished Kingdom Come by J.G Ballard which is now my fourth book of his and i have to say i just can’t seem to put his books down. Kingdom come is all about Richard Pearson an advertising executive from London. The book starts with Richard finding out his Father has been killed at a massive shopping mall called the Metro-Centre situated in the suburbs of London just outside the M25. In true Ballard style this is only the start of a  gripping story about society and its many dark under currents being forced to the front.

I love Ballards style of writing and the ideas involved in his novels and this book is no exception. I recently went to Westfield shopping centre in North London which when i was reading this book served as a great basis for the Metro-Centre as both places seem to be a sprawling temple to consumerism. I thought this book was a great look into the possible near future and an overall amazing book. I advise you to pick up any of his books.


And just to add to the dystopian world view that J.G. Ballard had, here is a video of vandalism and arson in Los Angeles following the NBA Finals on June 17, 2010.


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