Early worm catches the bird

Rejoice, premature ejaculators of the world, because the solution to your problem may arrive soon. According to clinical trials, a substance called PSD502—a lidocaine- and prilocaine-based spray—may expand your tour de force timings by a factor of 5.5.

The drug, which is being developed by Shionogi Pharma, has been tested with 556 men, with a total of 23,000 exposures during a period of three months. The spray gets directly applied to the glans five minutes before the sexual intercourse. The studies have showed that the intercourse went from 0.6 minutes to 3.3 minutes. Those subjects receiving the placebo went from the same 0.6 average to 0.9 minutes.

The drug had side effects on a small percentage of the test population: 3.1% of men had loss of erection, while 5% of women that had intercourse suffered a burning sensation.

Via Gizmodo


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