Rolling Stoned

Mick Jagger has asked the government to legalise cannabis on the Isle of Man. He says that a social experiment of this nature on the Island might help lower the drug related crime. Mick Jagger suggested the Isle of Man could be used as a test region to see what effect legalising cannabis had on society.

He told U.S. talk show host Larry King, ‘The whole question of legalising drugs is fraught.

‘You usually try these things out in very small places. You know, like you try a new product out in a small kind of society or an island somewhere.

‘And in England they always try out new mobile phones in the Isle of Man. They’ve got a captive society. So I said, you should try – you should try the legalisation of all drugs on the Isle of Man and see what happens.

I find this all very interesting as i am originally from the Isle of Man and would certainly like to see some forward thinking in relation to drug policy across the UK and the Isle of man. Why try and make criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens. Lets hope they give it a shot.

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