The Adventures of Darius & Downey by Ed Zipco

Here we go my first book review which i have to say is quite daunting. The book in question is ‘The adventures of Darius & Downey’ by Ed Zipco which tells the story of two street artists from when they first started as graffiti artists to the present day where they are respected artists. Just to make it clear this is a non-fiction book, these two guys, originally from America have travelled the world showing people their work to critical acclaim.

If you like the culture of street art then you will surely like this book but even if you don’t i’m sure you’ll like it anyway. Its not the most difficult book to read but it does give the reader a good grasp of what street artists get up to and why they put themselves out there. I have to say after reading the book it did make me want to go out and give this street art thing a go, not that i’d be very good at all but it did make me start to think about my surroundings and how i interact with them. In London this can only be a good thing, in other places i’d hope you’d be doing it all ready.

All in all i enjoyed the book as it showed you the perspective behind what a lot of people call graffiti/vandalism and what others call street art. Now don’t get me wrong i don’t like all the tagging you see everywhere but these guys took time to form an idea for each individual piece and location trying to get the viewer/public to notice and appreciate what they were trying to achieve.

Maybe everyone should get out on their streets with some crayons and give it a go…



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