Bee part of it

I’ve always liked Bee’s and now that they are in decline things are getting serious as Bee’s are the World’s most important pollinating insects. The BBC have started a project called ‘Bee part of it’ to try and create Bee friendly space for their hives. Now i would love to keep my own Bees but i don’t have a garden here in London and just think of the plus side of having loads of free honey. If you’d like to get involved head here.

There is also another interesting article on the BBC about how scientists have figured out a new method to look into a Beehive without disturbing the Bee’s:

The technique, known as Diagnostic Radioentomology (DR), scans a beehive, taking a series of 3D images.

This reveals in real-time how many bees are inside, where they are, and gives clues as to what they are doing.

Such information could help scientists understand what is causing bee numbers around the world to decline steeply

Go check out the full article here.


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