One Step From Murder by Laurence Meynell

Continuing with my reviews of books picked (pretty much) at random from the book shelf we have Laurence Meynell’s ‘One Step From Murder’ originally published in 1958 (although I had the 1961 Fontana Books version). The cover is what attracted me to this book in the first place as it has a very dated look with a frightened looking lady – what more do i need? They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but when you are in a junk shop full to the rafters of books it’s pretty much all you’ve got to go on!

Set in the (fictional?) town of Brightham it’s the story of a man trying to stay on the straight and narrow after leaving jail. He’s got a good job and things are looking up before a chance encounter with an someone he went to prison with leads him on a downward spiral. I enjoyed this book but felt a little let down at the end as it’s all tied up within a page or two and leaves a load of unanswered questions that still annoy me now. I would definitely have given it a better score if he’d come up with a more fully satisfying ending.



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