Now this would make my life a lot easier

Now this is interesting, certainly for me anyway as i have diabetes.  Researchers from the Draper Laboratory have started looking into the possibility of creating a tattoo like device which will be able to detect the Glucose levels in a person and change colour accordingly. This would be an amazing invention as i have to prick myself for blood every time i eat to check my Glucose levels. Being able to stop doing this and just look at my arm would be fantastic. draper Laboratory had to say:

“When embedded into skin – similar to a tattoo – these nanosensors can detect and signal changes in blood glucose. Fluorescence is used due to increased sensitivity over color changes that can be viewed with the naked eye…

This concept offers the potential to enable a diabetic to monitor blood sugar without pain, and could be applied to spot other conditions such as depleted levels of sodium, potassium, and chloride, which could be used to catch signs of dehydration in athletes and troops.”

If any of the scientists from the Draper Laboratory are reading this, stop it and get back to work you lazy so and so’s.

Read the full story here.


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