King Suckerman by George P Pelecanos

I think i’ve only read one George P Pelecanos book before this one (The Turnaround) but really enjoyed it and had high hopes for this one. Thankfully I wasn’t let down. Pelecanos has recently gained some notoriety for his part in scripting the US series The Wire which is meant to be excellent (although i haven’t seen it yet but have it good authority that i definitely would do!) 

The action starts at a drive-in where badman and general rogue Wilton Cooper hooks up with the acne ridden and trigger happy BR. From there on in you just know these two are going to be a whole world of trouble for whoever gets in their way. They cross paths with two good friends, Marcus and Dmitri, and then you know the rollercoaster has just started…

This is an excellent crime book and has it all – murder, violence, drugs and music. Saying that though there always seems to something redemptive about his novels and there is also a focus on friendship. In this case the warped friendship of Cooper and BR and the more noble friendship of Marcus and Dmitri. Well written and with good pacing I reckon I will certainly be picking up another Pelecanos book some time soon.

If this book ever was ever put out on the ipad i could only hope that they get the rights to all the tracks which are mentioned in the book (as 70’s music features heavily). That would certainly enrich the experience no end as although i knew a few of the tracks he mentioned it would have been nice to hear them as they came up in the book…



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