DJ Moneyshot – Various Mixes

Check out DJ Moneyshot he’s one of the best party DJ’s i’ve heard in a long time. His style is eclectic to say the least,  I especially like  Mothers ruin, two fag mix and the rinse, they are all top quality and definitely worth a listen.

‘He’s officially DJ Food’s favourite Disc Jock, and his killer mixtapes, chock full of straight-up club bangers, curveball oddities, hip-hop classics and funky break workouts, have tickled eardrums the world over.

Fact: NASA are backing the campaign to have said mixes blasted into space with some DiVinci drawings and a tub of human DNA, so as our alien bredren can peep mankind’s game. In the meantime, join him here on Mixcloud, and listen to them in the glow of Earth’s yellow sun.

Keep ’em peeled, this official Solid Steel selector will be blessing yous lot with batches of classic Moneyshot mixes, and newbies as and when he hatches them.

The advice for now: Bump loud, and often. Repeat as necessary…’


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